Terpco Industrial Custom Belt Service

Terpco Custom Belt Service


Terpco is able to provide custom servicing to your conveyor belt lines through cleaning & scraping systems, cleat installation, sidewall fabrication, vacuum holes, and most other belt servicing needs. Please speak with a Terpco Representative about any specific questions you may have.



Belt Scraping Systems

  • Terpco is able to provide Primary and Secondary belt cleaning systems utilizing steel and urethane scrapers with round brushes to clean your belts.





  • Terpco provides many cleating options in order to fit your various applications. Example cleat types include lug, scoop, reinforced fabric, SI, gumdrop, tee, v-guides.




Sidewall Fabrication

  • Terpco is uniquely capable in cold bonding and hot vulcanizing custom sidewall fabrication for your application needs. Please speak with a Terpco Representative for custom sidewall fabrication details.





  • Terpco can fabricate any pattern of holes to achieve the vacuum power needed for your belting applications.