Shaped Hole Punches and Forming Punches

Shaped Hole Punches And Forming Punches

Half Star and Full Star punches for vacuum packaging and rollstock machines. Euroslots and Hole punches for displaying packaging. Shown are just a sampling of the many styles that we carry. Please contact us for solutions to your specific requirements. To assist you in ordering, these shape cuttes / punches are shown actual size.

Item # Product Name Size
MLTM160VALPUNCH Oval Punch 50 x 8 x 12
MLTHS1003-2 Half Star Punch 18 x 23.8 x 14
MLTGN1001-1 Gas Nozzle 23 mm
MLTM20ROUNDP Round Punch 50 x 8
MLTEP1048-1 Euro Punch / Sombrero 18 x 23 x 18
MLTEP1048-1 Euro Punch / Sombrero 48 x 23.8 x 18
MLHHC0820-1 Hole Punch 20 x 23.8 x 20

5000T, Braided Flexible Graphite

Impregnated with PTFE & lubricant

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3000T, Acrylic Yarn

Impregnated with PTFE and lubricant.

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345, Flax and Ramie Fiber

Impregnated with PTFE and break-in lubricant.

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TP-2955, TP-2955 Fluorinated Grease

Bearings exposed to harsh operating conditions inv

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