TP-2502 TP, TP-2502 TP-Maxx Multi-Purpose Grease

TP-2502 TP, TP-2502 TP-Maxx Multi-Purpose Grease

The enormous variety of modern industrial equipment available today, coupled with the large range of operating conditions, can make lubrication selection complicated. Typically, one grease will be specified for a particular application. With so many greases in inventory, misapplication of grease in the wrong machinery is a common occurrence. This scenario can lead to equipment breakdown, unnecessary downtime, and costs. The ideal solution is a lubricating grease that will work in the vast majority of applications. In order to simplify plant grease selection, Tom-Pac® has developed a product that sets itself apart from conventional lubricants, by offering exceptional versatility and quality.

TP Maxx also has the added benefit of excellent corrosion and wear protection. Equipment life is extended while costly downtime due to poor lubrication is minimized. Excellent thermal stability and high dropping point reduces grease usage by extending lubrication intervals. All these factors make for a lubricant that is engineered to perform as a multi-purpose grease.

The difference is the ingredients.
Tom-Pac’s TP-2502 is formulated from real synthetic base stock, the most advanced thickener technology, and a generous amount of additives. Most greases advertise great performance benefits, yet the product ingredients are standard mineral oil and lithium thickener. It is unrealistic to expect different performance levels from products with essentially the same ingredients in order to deliver truly superior results, Tom-Pac® delivers products manufactured with superior ingredients.

Available Size 14.1 oz (400g) cartridges
25 lb pail (11.4 kg)

120 lb keg (55 kg)

400 lb drum (180 kg)
Thickener Calcium

NLGI Grade #2
Dropping Point (ASTM D2265) 315 ºC
Timken OK Load (ASTM D2509) 27 kg/min+
Scar Diameter (ASTM D2266) 0.41 (mm, max)
Water Washout at 80ºC 0.5 %
Oil Separation 0.1 %
Rust Test (ASTM D1743) Pass
Copper Corrosion Rating 1B
Odor None
Food Status NSFH1
Hi-Temp Longevity Very Good
Water Wash Characteristics Very Good
Rust Protection Excellent
Wear Protection Excellent
Melting (Drop) Point > 300ºC
Chemical Resistance No
Food Grade Yes
Remarks Mixing of grease is never recommended and should be avoided if at all possible.
Note For extreme conditions (constant extreme heat, long lubrication intervals, applications exposed to extreme low temperatures) please see product literature for TP-2557 & TP-2598 Bearing Gel
May be applied manually or by automatic lubrication systems in areas where a NLGI#2 grease is suggested. Examples of suitable applications: bearings (plain, roller, thrust) gears, electric motors, presses, bushings, wheel bearings, and joints. TP MAXX is capable of replacing regular grease in a great variety of applications with temperature ranges of -40ºF to 375ºF (-40ºC to 190ºC)