TP-2598L, TP-2598L Machine & Chain Lubricant

TP-2598L, TP-2598L Machine & Chain Lubricant

Maintenance is the single largest controllable cost within a plant; with over 60% of all mechanical failures relating to poor or improper lubrication, it is of paramount importance to select a lubricant that will perform and protect machinery at all times. Tom-Pac® lubricants can help increase your profits, by decreasing your maintenance costs and downtime.

Available Size 20 Liter Pail. (5 US gallons)
205 Liter Drum (55 US gallons)
Thickener Aluminum


Hi-Temp Longevity Excellent
Water Wash Characteristics Excellent
Rust Protection Very Good
Wear Protection Very Good
Melting (Drop) Point Non-Melting
Chemical Resistance No
Food Grade Yes
Remarks Mixing of grease is never recommended and should be avoided if at all possible.


Our synthetic PAO base stock is blended with extreme pressure, anti-oxidant and performance enhancing additives to create a lubricant that will resist high and low temperatures, wet environments and high load conditions. The polyalphaolefin base oil gives our products an unmatched viscosity index that promises a high film strength up to temperatures of +525ºF, along with the added benefit of negligible amounts of residue.

Tom-Pac® s FlingFree™ technology allows our lubes to adhere to wires and chains even under high speed, thus minimizing throw-off and dripping. Because it clings, Tom-Pac® lubricants will remain on the intended surface, thus providing wear protection that will greatly outlast and outperform the competition.

Primary Uses
Tom-Pac® Machine & Chain Lubricant can be used anywhere that conventional lube is applied. Benefits will be most apparent in high temperature applications or wet environments. Chains, wire ropes, gears, bearings etc are ideal applications to apply Tom-Pac® Lubricant. Any area requiring an oil with low throw-off or low residue characteristics would also be an excellent application for Tom-Pac® lubricants.
Delivery System
Most automatic and semi automatic lubrication systems are acceptable delivery methods. It may also be manually applied using a brush.
Grade Selection
TP-2557L Machine & Chain Lubricant for Industrial use. Both lubricants are available in various viscosities. Standard viscosity for both TP-2557L & TP-2598L is ISO 460. High speed applications may require a lower viscosity.