FSMA Inspections: Ready or Not?


FSMA Inspections: Ready or Not?

Plain and simple, pets are beloved members of most families, and safety should be the top priority for pet food and pet treat processors of all sizes. While a majority of US households — nearly two-thirds — have at least one dog or cat, most Americans are likely not aware that federal regulations under the new US food safety law, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), are now in force.

The members of the Washington, D.C.-based Pet Food Institute (PFI), the national trade association for US dog and cat food processors, are committed to continuous improvement in food safety. PFI promotes this culture of safety by convening members regularly to share their food safety innovations and advancements and by funding independent pet food safety research. Additionally, PFI has worked with its member companies over the recent years to prepare for FSMA readiness, including new compliance requirements and FSMA facility inspections. The time to prepare for the changes is now.

At the most recent 2017 Feed & Pet Food Joint Conference, which PFI held in conjunction with the National Grain & Feed Association (NGFA), a panel of participants in the animal feed sectors reenacted a series of inspection scenarios that pet food processors and ingredient suppliers may now face under FSMA. The audience learned that in the new era of conversation-based inspections with regulators, all pet food processors and ingredient suppliers should be in-the-know and stay ready for US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) visits to their facilities.

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