Railcar Spill Containment Market


Railcar Spill Containment Market

The railcar spill containment market will witness promising growth – global sales estimated in excess of 4,100 units in 2018, according to a new study by Fact.MR. The report envisages that the railcar track pans will remain sought-after in the railcar spill containment market, accounting for approximately 60% volume share in 2018. Additionally, difference volume growth between railcar track pans and track berms is expected to be marginal in 2018.

Track berms are also expected to gain significant momentum in the railcar spill containment market, although volume sales are estimated at half than those of track pans in 2018. Durable and lightweight materials employed for production of track berms, which facilitate transportation of materials between railroad sites, is a key attribute linked with track berms that add to their rising palpability. Another benefit of track berms over track pans is that these variants are portable, which enhances their usability in the railcar spill containment.

Top 6 Players Account for One-Third Market Share

The railcar spill containment market is concentrated at the top, with top 6 players holding approximately one-third share, whereas the market represents a splintered nature at the bottom owing to occupancy of numerous SMEs worldwide. While acquisition of small players with innovative technologies remains top expansion strategy among leading players, collaboration with global leaders for strengthening manufacturing & distribution prevails as a key strategy among emerging market participants.

“Railcar spill containments systems have gained paramount importance as an integral part of high-quality railcar business activity. As focus on environment conservation continues to intensify worldwide, railcar operators and other market stakeholders are emphasizing adherence to regulations as a mandate,” says a lead analyst at Fact.MR.

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